Leslie Galbreath, APR Photo

Leslie Galbreath, APR

President and CEO
at dgs Marketing Engineers

Leslie Galbreath, APR is an accredited public relations strategist with extensive experience in all facets of marketing communications. She consistently uses research and data to help global clients develop strategy, craft brand identities, sell c[...]

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Melissa Kline Skavlem Photo

Melissa Kline Skavlem

Chief Operating Officer, Gardner Business
Media, Inc.

Melissa Kline Skavlem is chief operating officer and secretary of the board of directors for Gardner Business Media, Inc., the premier publisher for the plants, shops, factories, and the people of manufacturing in North America. Gardner provides a[...]

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Douglas K. Woods Photo

Douglas K. Woods

Chairman and President, Association for
Manufacturing Technology (AMT)

Douglas K. Woods joined AMT as its president in April 2009. A lifelong manufacturing professional, he oversees the Association’s drive to improve sales and market access for its members, while also providing services that lower their costs.


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Harry Moser Photo

Harry Moser

President and Founder of the
Reshoring Initiative

Harry Moser founded the Reshoring Initiative in 2010 to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Prior to the starting the Initiative, he held leadership positions at GF Machining Solutions, formerly known as GF AgieCharmilles, where he began in [...]

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