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Library of published reshoring cases

Name Author Source Published
Reshoring discussion N/A Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 5/2/13
Is U.S. manufacturing making a comeback -- or is it just hype? Brad Plumer Washington Post 5/1/13
How Americans Can Buy American Roger Simmermaker How to buy american 4/25/13
Manufacturers Take a Global Approach to Reshoring Decisions Steve Minter Industry Week 4/23/13
Manufacturing American Efficiency Rachel Leisemann Immel Manufacturing Business Technology 4/19/13
Is the U.S. the Next Low-Cost Manufacturing Country? David Sims Industry Market Trends 4/16/13
US firms begin big job reshoring drive Shilpa Phadnis The Times of India 3/28/13
Foxconn Plant in Peanut Field Shows Labor Eroding China Edge Bloomberg News Bloomberg 3/27/13
Reshoring on the Banks of the Gulf: A Houston Story Ginger Christ Industry Week 3/21/13
Is re-shoring the new black? Anna Bowsher Shared Service Link 3/20/13
Ohio House Passes Legislation To Designate "Reshoring Month" In Ohio Majority Caucus The Ohio House of Representatives 3/20/13
Study: US Manufacturers Focusing on Productivity, Not Offshoring, to Drive Cost Reductions Josh Cable New Equipment Digest 3/14/13
Reshoring: Are manufacturing jobs coming back to United States? Robert Schoenberger 3/9/13
Made in the USA: More consumers buying American Heesun Wee NBC News 3/8/13
Should you consider 'reshoring' despite the cost? Charlie Bogoian Venturebeat 3/8/13
Is 'reshoring' boosting Michigan's economy? Rick Haglund Bridge 3/7/13
Pumping Muscle into U.S. Manufacturing Craig Barner Forbes 3/6/13
Reshoring Trend Continues to Grow Angela Poulson Modern Distribution Management 3/5/13
Around China: Central China province suffers post-Spring Festival labor shortage N/A Shanghai Daily 3/4/13
Emerson Electric's David Farr bets on a manufacturing renaissance Geoff Colvin CNN Money 2/28/13
Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Returning To America For The First Time In Decades Hugh Welsh Business Insider 2/27/13
States in Recovery: Manufacturing Pamela M.Prah The Pew 2/27/13
Reshoring Wave Hits a Peak As More Production Shifts to U.S. Emily McMackin Business Climate 2/27/13
Intertech adds two presses, central chiller in response to reshored business Tony Deligio Plastics Today 2/25/13
Reshoring Components Protects Quality Adrienne Selko Industry Week 2/22/13
Ford to bring 2-liter EcoBoost engine to Brook Park, hundreds of jobs to come Robert Schoenberger 2/21/13
Robots Help US Manufacturers Compete With China Brian Padden Voice of America 2/21/13
Ford Said to Add 4-Cylinder Engine Output to Ohio Plant Craig Trudell & Keith Naughton Bloomberg 2/20/13
Made in America: Fashion's Fight to Save the Garment District Ellen Croibier, Erin Skarda TradeReform 2/19/13
Bringing U.S. manufacturing jobs back home Jeffry Bartash Market Watch 2/14/13
Is Reshoring Really Working? Adrienne Selko Industry Week 2/14/13
$32M bet: Overseas jobs returning to Silicon Valley? David Louie AbC KGO-tv 2/14/13
Where Is Manufacturing Making a Comeback? Pamela M. Prah The Pew Stateline 2/8/13
US manufacturing is key to competitiveness Suzanne Rosselet The Christian Science Monitor 2/8/13
Bringing the Jobs Back Home: How 'Re-shoring' Is Coming to America Ed Frauenheim WorkForce 2/7/13
NCR: A Healthy Global Company Means More US Jobs Adrienne Selko Industry Week 2/7/13
'Make It In America' and Insourcing: Now the 'It' Things To Do Brandon Weaver CrossCheck Blog 2/6/13
Wild Things Gains an Edge by Offering "Made in USA" Mass Customization Technical Apparel Outdoor Industry Association 2/6/13
Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back Home N/A Manufacturing Business Technology 2/4/13
The Next Boom Kopin Tan Barron's 1/28/13
Silicon Valley Plant Named as Apple Manufacturer Agence Grance-Presse Industry Week 1/27/13
Don't Divorce Design from Manufacturing Jessica Leber Technology Review 1/25/13
Siemens CEO says U.S. manufacturing poised for comeback Curtis Chan PennState Live 1/25/13
Why Onshoring High-tech Manufacturing Jobs Makes Economic Sense Linda Mayer Huffington Post 1/24/13
America Makes, the World Breath Drew Greenblatt Product Design & Development 1/23/13
The resurgent appeal of 'Made in America' ANDRIA CHENG Portland Press Herald 1/21/13
Rethinking Re-shoring N/A Knowledge Today 1/21/13
Made in USA makes comeback as a marketing tool Oliver St. John USA TODAY 1/21/13
Here, there and everywhere The Economist 1/19/13
Herd instinct The Economist 1/19/13
Made in U.S.A. supplier summit coming soon Mike Troy Made in USA News 1/17/13
Wal-Mart to Buy More US-made Goods, Hire 100,000 Military Veterans Agence France-Presse Industry Week 1/15/13
American manufacturers come back home Kim Gittleson BBC NEWS 1/15/13
Is the U.S. the Next Low-Cost Region: Redux? Tim Minahan Forbes 1/14/13
H.M. Richards to expand Mississippi upholstery factory Cindy W. Hodnett Furniture Today 1/10/13
Nissan to Shift Murano Production to U.S. From Japan Alan Ohnsman Business Week 1/10/13
MADE IN USA Jerry Jasinowski The Made in America Movement 1/8/13
Reshoring 101: Right-Sizing U.S. Manufacturing, Part 2 Tim Hutzel Manufacturing Business Technology 1/4/13
Designing for reshoring: Can DFM and DFA bring it home? Clare Goldsberry Plastics Today 1/3/13
Trade deficit on course for surplus Patrice Hill The Washington Times 12/25/12
Promoting Made in U.S.A., but Very Carefully Elizabeth Olson The New York Times 12/23/12
Manufacturing jobs making a comeback in southern U.S. Michelle V. Rafter NBC News 12/20/12
GM to Build Camaro in Michigan, Shift Model Out of Canada Frederic Tomesco and Bill Koenig Bloomberg Business Week 12/19/12
The Real Cost Of That Pool Toy Laurie Keyser Brunner Manufacturing Net 12/19/12
Cassidy: Tim Cook's plan for manufacturing Apple's Macs in the U.S. should lead to the Bay Area Mike Cassidy Silicon Valley 12/18/12
Profiting from an America on the mend Emma Wall The Telegraph 12/17/12
Is Manufacturing Making A Comeback In The U.S.? Ryan Galloway Forbes 12/13/12
Hardware In The Cloud: How Makers Can Help With John Biggs Tech Crunch 12/13/12
High-Tech Factories Built to Be Engines of Innovation Annie Lowrey The New York Times 12/13/12
Conversations with a reshoring agnostic: Why reshoring isn't the answer for everyone Clare Goldsberry Plastics Today 12/11/12
Move Over, Michigan, China Is The World's Next Rust Belt Gordon G. Chang Forbes 12/9/12
Not Just Patriotic, U.S. Manufacturing May Be Smart NPR STAFF NPR 12/8/12
Why Apple and GE Are Bringing Manufacturing Back Steve Denning Forbes 12/7/12
Foxconn Plans American Expansion as Clients Seek Made in U.S.A. Tim Culpan Bloomberg 12/6/12
Apple to produce line of Macs in the US next year Bree Fowler and Peter Svensson Yahoo News 12/6/12
Coming back from China N/A NECN Business 12/6/12
When Reshoring Really Happens Peter Zelinski Modern Machine Shop 12/3/12
Apple may be building iMacs in the US ADMIN Reshoring MFG 12/3/12
Can reshoring really make a dent? Paul Heney Design World 11/29/12
LEDS bulb maker to open temporary Bettendorf location Steven Martens QC Business Journal 11/27/12
Manufacturing jobs boom is for real Parija Kavilanz CNN money 11/10/12
SentrySafe to invest $10 million in local plant Andrea Deckert Rochester Business Journal 11/8/12
Will 'reshoring' trend bring manufacturing jobs back to Michigan? Melissa Anders Michigan Live LLC 10/5/12
Is Manufacturing Homeward Bound? Anna Spiewak Commercial Property Executive 10/4/12
Reshoring: How Economic Development Professionals Can Leverage the Opportunities Bill McMeekin Business Climate 10/3/12
Reshoring can save companies millions, Houston firm says Molly Ryan Houston Business Journal 10/3/12
Lenovo to begin making some ThinkPads in the USA, beating American competitors Dante D'Orazio The Verge 10/2/12
U.S. manufacturers bringing work home from overseas Andy Henion MSU Today 10/1/12
Reshoring To North America Todd Shepherd Shepherd Thermoforming & Packaging Inc. 9/23/12
Reshoring to the US More Attractive for Metals, Chemicals Sectors Jonathan Katz Industry Week 9/12/12
Mississippi getting the nod in reshoring decisions Ted Carter Mississippi Business Journal 8/26/12
More companies bring manufacturing back to US Jim Schakenbach Mass High Tech 8/22/12
Miss. aims to lure factories from other countries Jeff Amy Business Week 8/21/12
Coming to America to Seek 'Made in the U.S.' Label Adrienne Selko Industry Week 8/15/12
US Manufacturing Jobs Will Grow As Japan's Carmakers Move Capacity To North America Benjamin Reeves International Business Times 8/14/12
Manufacturing In America Hal Sirkin Huffington Post 8/12/12
Whirlpool CEO says firm committed to Ohio plants TYREL LINKHORN Toledo Blade 8/8/12
Reshoring Is Here--Are You Ready? James Callari PT Online 8/1/12
Some jobs are shifting back to Minnesota in 'reshoring' DEE DePASS Star Tribune 7/30/12
As China costs rise, technology lures U.S. factories home Scott Malone and Ernest Scheyder Reuters 7/24/12
Made in Silicon Valley Janis Mara The Registry 7/24/12
Can the U.S. handle a manufacturing comeback? Emily Jane CNN Money 7/23/12
Made in America: States and Businesses Can Restore American Manufacturing Huffington Post 7/23/12
The Future of Manufacturing Is in America, Not China Vivek Wadhwa Foreign Policy 7/17/12
Reshoring - Why it Makes Sense Gregg Fraley Gregg 7/12/12
Mack invests to capitalize on reshoring Mike Verespej Plastics News 7/12/12
ZeeVee Leaves China, Brings Jobs To Mass. Manufacturing.Net 7/12/12
What Can be 'Made in the USA'? Derek Singleton Software Advice 7/9/12
Crowdsourced in the U.S.A. Karen A. Frenkel Business Week 6/29/12
U.S., European manufacturers join forces to compete with China George Leopold EE Times 6/27/12
Small U.S. Manufacturers Give Up on 'Made in China' David Rocks and Nick Leiber Business Week 6/21/12
"Re-Shoring" Made in America Douglas F. Carlberg m2global 6/19/12
Hopeful Sign: Small Manufacturers Buy Big Machines NY Times 6/13/12
Small components, big plans Eric Lundin The Fabricator 6/4/12
China slowdown threatens US factory revival John W. Schoen MSNBC 5/30/12
Re-Shoring: Manufacturers Make a U-Turn Chris Morris CNBC 5/23/12
More Products Being 'Made in USA' Angela Nazworth Investor Place 5/22/12
A Crib for Baby: Made in China or Made in USA? Timothy Aeppel The Wall Street Journal 5/21/12
Once Made in China: Jobs Trickle Back to U.S. Plants JAMES R. HAGERTY The Wall Street Journal 5/21/12
U.S. cities can lead a manufacturing revival Richard M. Daley and Bruce Katz Philly 5/15/12
As Chinese wages rise, US manufacturers head back home David Conrads The Christian Science Monitor 5/10/12
Reshoring - a recent example Dave Kelly Spectrum Plastics Group 5/7/12
The reality of reshoring: global manufacturing becomes local Clare Goldsberry Plastics Today 5/3/12
By Design: Reshoring Glenn Beall Plastics Today 5/1/12
Viewpoint: Manufacturing: Offshore Out; Lean In Jason Piatt Industry Week 5/1/12
Made in America: Global Companies Expand in U.S. Towns DAVID MUIR ABC News 4/30/12
10 Companies Making More in the USA Michael Brush Design 2 Part 4/30/12
A third industrial revolution The Economist 4/21/12
Big manufacturers more likely to embrace "Made in USA": survey Nick Zieminski Reuters 4/20/12
Reshoring, New USA Manufacturing Trend? Gregg Fraley Gregg Fraley 4/18/12
Local company to move manufacturing jobs from China to Central Texas Christine McCarthy News Channel 25 4/5/12
Onshoring: the New Global Trend The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Mad Hedge Fund Trader 4/2/12
Report: China Exodus Could Create Up To 3M U.S. Jobs The Boston Consulting Group Manufacturing.Net 3/29/12
More manufacturing work returns to U.S. shores Alejandra Cancino and Cheryl V. Jackson Chicago Tribune 3/27/12
Made in USA (Again): Why Manufacturing Is Coming Home Eric Markowitz Made In USA News 3/26/12
KitchenAid moving hand mixer production back to the United States Rhoda Miel Plastics News 3/22/12
Global Supply Chain News: China Effect has Wages Rising Across Much of the Rest of Asia SCDigest Editorial Staff Supply Chain Digest 3/21/12
Country-Of-Origin Labels Could Change Consumer Behavior And Revive U.S. Manufacturing Richard A. McCormack Manufacturing & Tehcnology News 3/16/12
'Reshoring' is a good sign for area manufacturers, economy as a whole Dan Shingler Crain's Cleveland Business 3/12/12
Adding Up Total Cost Shannon Wetzel Metal Casting Design & Pruchasing 3/1/12
Call Centers Jobs Return to US ABC News 2/23/12
U.S. Manufacturing Nears the Tipping Point Harold L. Sirkin, Michael Zinser, Douglas Hohner, and Justin Rose bcg perspectives 2/22/12
Renaissance Manufacturing (Part Two) Jeff Thredgold Tea Leaf by Jeff Thredgold 2/21/12
Companies looking at a more regional approach to manufacturing Alice Waugh LinkedIn 2/21/12
Manufacturing jobs find way back to U.S. Dean Calbreath San Diego Union-Tribune 2/18/12
Dumping China for American job shops Parija Kavilanz CNN Money 2/17/12
SimpleWave's inshoring missed by Obama Andrew S. Ross San Francisco Chronicle 2/17/12
Dumping China for American job shops Parija Kavilanz LinkedIn 2/17/12
East Bay company bringing jobs back to US ABC News 2/16/12
US Manufacturing Jobs Will Grow As Japan's Carmakers Move Capacity To North America Yahoo 2/15/12
Study finds big drop in tech outsourcing overseas Business Journal 2/14/12
As Apple Toils in China, Others Make it in America Cade Metz Linkedin 2/13/12
After Scott Malone Yahoo 2/13/12
GE Opens Hybrid Electric Water Heater Plant, Says 'Lean' Helps Make U.S. Manufacturing Competitive Jill Jusko Industry Week 2/12/12
Reshoring Roundup - How You Can Promote US Manufacturing Aj Sweatt AJSWEATT 2/10/12
Toyota moves production to U.S. due to currency values Ellen Croibier Trade Reform 2/10/12
Tom Walsh: Bead work returns to Michigan Detroit Free Press 2/8/12
Toyota Shifts Highlander Production to United States Agence France-Presse Industry Week 2/8/12
U.S Market Shines Brighter KATE LINEBAUGH And JAMES R. HAGERTY The Wall Street Journal 2/8/12
Chinese Labor, Cheap No More MICHELLE DAMMON LOYALKA The New York Times 2/7/12
David Schroeder David Schroeder Megatech of Oregon 2/3/12
For Some U.S. Manufacturers, Time to Head Home Matthew Philips Bloomberg Business Week 2/2/12
Boeing's Move To South Carolina Could Help Revive American Manufacturing Seeking Alpha 2/1/12
Re-shoring fuels growth at Colorado molder Intertech Plastics Frank Antosiewicz Plastics News 2/1/12
The Editorial: The Time Is Right for Reshoring John Sprovieri Assembly 2/1/12
How Manufacturing on Home Turf Pays Off Donna Fenn Open Forum 1/31/12
U.S. manufacturing making comeback Mark Williams dispatch 1/29/12
Geared Turbofan Orders Generating Wave Of Work For Pratt Suppliers In State Mara Lee Courant 1/27/12
Master Lock Highlighted in State of the Union Address for Moving Jobs Back to U.S. Master Lock 1/24/12
Aerospace Jobs Coming To Ohio ONN 1/20/12
For Peerless A/V, the Costs of Doing Business in China Weren't Worth the Savings Josh Cable Industry Week 1/17/12
Made in America: Trend against outsourcing brings jobs back from China Sopan Deb MSNBC 1/14/12
Furniture manufacturer brings jobs back to N.C. Franco Ordonez McClatchy 1/12/12
Say 'Made in America' Says Obama Adrienne Selko Industry Week 1/12/12
Element Electronics: America Matters Matt Roush CBS 1/11/12
Is U.S. Manufacturing Coming Back? Lisa Harrington 1/8/12
HDTVs: Now Made in America Barry White News 10 1/7/12
In U.S., a Cheaper Labor Pool JAMES R. HAGERTY And KATE LINEBAUGH Wall Street Journal 1/6/12
Chrysler announces new Detroit jobs, confirms diesel Jeep Patrick Rall Torque News 1/5/12
Yes, You Can Go Home Again, Say Some Manufacturers Mark Shortt Design 2 Part 1/1/12
Reshoring by Michigan Manufacturers Brings New Business to CMT Manufacturing News 1/1/12
Chinese Province Increases Minimum Wage By 23% EW News Desk Team Economy Watch 12/23/11
Bringing It Back Home: The Resurgence of U.S. Manufacturing Paul Cianci mfr tech 12/21/11
This medical boot was made for walking&back to the U.S. Clare Goldsberry Plastics Today 12/7/11
US manufacturers turn away from China to operate at home Staff Reporter Want China Times 12/7/11
MRPC wins back customer from Chinese supplier Clare Goldsberry Plastics Today 12/1/11
U.S. Manufacturers Make Gains vs. Low-Cost Competitors on Weak Dollar, Foreign Inflation, According to AlixPartners Study Market Watch 11/30/11
Chinese factories hit by strikes amid manufacturing slowdown David Pierson Money & Company 11/28/11
Curtains for the U.S. Military Industrial Base? Ian Fletcher Trade Reform 11/23/11
Manufacturing America's New Middle Class: Henry R. Nothhaft Henry R. Nothhaft Bloomberg Business Week 11/22/11
Honda Brings Jobs To AL IMPO Mag 11/15/11
Caterpillar Reshores Japanese Production Back Home: Part Of A Trend? Paul Tate Manufacturing Executive 11/11/11
Toyota Profits Hurt By Thailand Floods, Jump In Yen. Custom Briefings 11/9/11
CMF Predictions:Will 2012 Bring Notable Steps Forward for the Economy, M&A? CMF Associates 11/4/11
Calibowls Now Made in America HFN 11/4/11
Suarez to add 50 to 60 jobs Canton Rep 11/3/11
More Predictions for a US Manufacturing Renaissance; Is it Time for Collaborative Logistics in Consumer Goods to Retail? Another DC Accused of Unfair Labor Practices; plus the Week in Numbers Supplu Chain Digest 10/24/11
At least two Idaho manufacturers are bringing a small number of jobs back to the U.S. Bill Roberts Idaho Statesman 10/23/11
Why China May Lose Manufacturing Jobs to the US Jason Margolis The World 10/20/11
Why manufacturers are moving from China BACK to the U.S. Mark J. Perry The Daily Crux 10/18/11
Companies use loans to cut waste, create jobs Anne Kallas Ventura County Star 10/13/11
The Future of Manufacturing-Study Crowe Horwath LLP Industry Week 10/9/11
Furniture, transportation manufacturing returning to U.S: Boston Group Bill Esler Woodworking Network 10/7/11
Buck Up, America: China Is Getting Too Expensive John Bussey The Wall Street Journal 10/7/11
Otis Shifts Work Closer to Home . TIMOTHY AEPPEL The Wall Street Journal 10/7/11
Transportation Goods, Electrical Equipment, and Furniture Are Among Sectors Most Likely to Gain Jobs as U.S. Manufacturing Returns, Predicts The Boston Consulting Group The Boston Consulting Group 10/7/11
The War for Good Jobs Gallup Quality Digest 9/21/11
Straberg's Strategy: cutting costs led Electrolux to Memphis Daniel Connolly The Commercial Appeal 9/18/11
Labor Coat going up mobilizing support for the US textile Industry in the 21st Century NCTO 9/10/11
Form Factor Announces Cessation of Singapore Manufacturing Transition Market Wire 9/10/11
Outsourcing Not Always a Bargain Bill Virgin News Tribune 9/10/11 Participates In NTMA Purchasing Fair, Connects US Buyers With US Suppliers MOJO 9/8/11
Small Manufacturers Rethink 'Made In China' DYAN MACHAN SmartMoney 8/31/11
The Case Against Shifting Production To China; Hidden Costs And Growing Risks Make U.S. Attractive For Manufacturing Richard McCormack Manufacturing & Technology News 8/31/11
Onshoring Trend Cooling Off Barbara Jorgensen EBN 8/31/11
Manufacturing a Recovery Susan Hockfield The New York Times 8/29/11
Mars breaks ground on M&M plant Jeff Clabaugh Washington Business Journal 8/23/11
Beautiful women making it in America! Joel Yocom Reshore America 8/5/11
Made in the USA and China Harold L. Sirkin Bloomberg Business Week 8/5/11
Next Low-Wage Haven: USA Jane Slaughter Labor Notes 8/4/11
Lloyd Graff Today's Machining World 8/1/11
Calculate this: It pays to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. American Manufacturing 7/22/11
Cast Iron Revival Keeps US Foundry Cooking Mike Osborne Voice of America 7/22/11
Witnessing a Rebirth Steve Minter Industry Week 7/20/11
The End of Cheap Chinese Labour? R A Washington The Economist 7/18/11
Chopsticks Carry 'Made in America' Label Philip Graitcer Voice of America 7/18/11
US China Economic and Security Review Commission Richard Trumka USCC.Gov 7/17/11
Slingshot Bikes bringing manufacturing to Grand Rapids area Jeff Kanan M Live 7/12/11
An informed View of the State of the Global Commercial Outsourcing Market Andrew Park TPI Index 7/8/11
Innovation Depends on a Robust Manufacturing Sector William M. Bulkeley Technology Review 7/7/11
Bring It Home! No Excuse Not to Manufacture in U.S., Bob Lutz Says Stacy Curtin Yahoo 7/6/11
Sweet Return For Mars Inc. to the US EW News Desk Team Economy Watch 7/4/11
Guillotine Bruce Hamilton Quality Digest 6/29/11
Re-shoring - MSNBC Reports, Robotics Online 6/29/11
Why we left our factories in China CNN Money 6/29/11
Surging China costs forces some U.S. manufacturing companies back home Thomson Reuters MSNBC 6/29/11
U.S. Manufacturers Expanding Operations At Home IMPO 6/29/11
Supply Chain News: Time for Regional Sourcing Models? John Shook Supply Chain Digest 6/21/11
Made in USA: Overseas jobs come home Chris Isidore CNN 6/17/11
China Labour Unrest May Signal End of Cheap Manufacturing Sharon Singleton Winnipeg Sun 6/11/11
Wheel Back The Factories Libby Tucker New Internationalist 6/9/11
How U.S. Manufacturing Can Save Itself Thomas A. Stewart . CBS News 6/7/11
Time To Rethink Off shoring Ajay K. Goel-Nazgoal Moussavi-Vats n. Strivatsan McKinsey 6/5/11
Global Sticks Moves from China to Thunder Bay Jeff Rubin The Trading Report 5/27/11
Why Companies Are Leaving China Kirsten Korosec CBS News 5/26/11
Trumpf Triumph: Made In-House, In Connecticut Mara Lee Courant 5/19/11
Global Supply Chain News: Will Rising Wages in China Significantly Change Outsourcing Economics? SCDigest Editorial Staff SCDigest 5/19/11
United States regains China jobs Dan Voorhis The Witchita Eagle 5/19/11
Amid offshoring binge, a few U.S. jobs are coming back to Florida Robert Trigaux Tampa Bay Times 5/17/11
A Surprising Jobs Recovery: American Manufacturing is Back Stephen Gandel TIME Business 5/16/11
Firms find rewards in moving manufacturing back to the U.S.A. Christine Hawes Bradenton 5/16/11
Moving back to America The Economist 5/12/11
American Made: Chinese Owned Full Version: Sheridan Prasso Fortune 5/10/11
The future of American manufacturing, part two: What is the future ... michele nash-hoff San Diego News Room 5/10/11
Snap-on's CEO on U.S. Manufacturing Will Daley Business Week 5/5/11
US manufacturing takes on China Michael Kavanagh beyondbrics 5/5/11
US set to regain industrial crown Peter Marsh FT 5/5/11
The Case for Making It in the USA Peter Coy Bloomberg Business Week 5/5/11
U.S. Manufacturing Could Soon Be Poised For Comeback, Study Shows Nick Zieminski Huffington Post 5/5/11
Supply Chain News: Rethinking China Dan Gilmore Supply Chain Digest 4/28/11
A Cautionary Tale Of Outsourcing To China Richard McCormack Manufacturing & Technology News 4/27/11
U.S Production Still Pays Off for Some Bicycle Retailer 4/22/11
Rust Belt Rising? Thomas Bonney Industry Week 4/20/11
Backshoring: Why Bringing Manufacturing Back to the United States Makes Sense Dean Barber Area Development 4/20/11
.Inflation in China Poses Big Threat to Global Trade David Barboza NY Times 4/17/11
Investing In U.S.-Based Manufacturing Pays Off by Kevin Jobsky Manufacturing.Net 4/13/11
Fellowes "Brought To Its Knees In China." Blame The Joint Venture? Dan China Law Blog 4/12/11
Cheap Wages Vanish in China Kelvin Chan Journal Gazette 4/10/11
China Manufacturing employment and compensation cost:200-06 Judith Banister-Erin Lett Monthly Labor Review 4/9/11
Ten Thousand Miles of Risk Exposure Kelly Thomas Material Handling & Logistics 4/8/11
An Evaluation of American companies that Outsource Manufacturing to China: Decision making and Performance Michael K. Favreau Bingham Young University 4/7/11
What Happens When the Supply Chain Breaks? Dave Blanchard Material Handling & Logistics 4/1/11
Why Manufacturing Matters Roger Thompson Harvard Business School 3/28/11
Made in USA Gives Small Business an Edge Nick Leiber Bloomberg Business Week 3/24/11
Li & Fung warns of end of cheap China goods Rahul Jacob Retail & Consumer 3/24/11
Labor crunch 'structural problem' Qian Yanfeng, Duan Yan and Yu Ran China Daily 3/9/11
Changes a Matter of Death or Survival for China's Hanger Makers Xinhua CRI English 3/6/11
China's Shenzhen raises minimum wage by 20 percent People's Daily Online 3/4/11
Chinese company considering Dayton for manufacturing site John Nolan Dayton Daily News 3/2/11
Made in America: Small Businesses Buck the Offshoring Trend Brendan I. Koerner Tip Strategies 3/1/11
Made in America: Small Businesses Buck the Offshoring Trend Brendan I. Koerner Wired 2/28/11
When Factories Vanish, So Can Innovators Louis Uchitelle The New York Times 2/12/11
Made (once again) in America Gus G. Sentementes The Baltimore Sun 2/11/11
Trade Fair Wants to Start Re-Shoring Trend Harry Hutchinson Mechanical 2/10/11
Is Anything Made in the USA Anymore? You'd Be Surprised Stephen Manning New York Times 2/9/11
Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO concedes 787 outsourcing backfired Geoffrey Thomas ATW 2/9/11
The process of offshoring and backshoring of manufacturing to and from low wage countries Linda Maetschke (Bachelor Thesis Paper) 1/26/11
Assembling Success in the U.S. Trey Hollingsworth CIRE Magazine 1/10/11
Move Your Operations to China? Do some lean math first. Jim Womack lean 1/10/11
Custom molder shows how reshoring can work Clare Goldsberry Plastics Today 1/4/11
MEET OUR NEWEST CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Aurora Illinois Economic Development Commision 1/1/11
Peerless Industries Brings Diecasting In-House Modern casting 1/1/11
First Index in Manufacturing Andrea Parrish Slate Magazine 12/1/10
Is Reshoring Still a Reality? David R. Butcher ThomasNet 11/9/10
Total Landed Cost Calculation, Key to Supply Chain Optimizations, Still Immature Practice SC Digest Editorial Staff Supply Chain Digest 10/12/10
Keeping Manufacturing Onshore By Design ECN 9/28/10
Re-Shoring Local or Offshore Sourcing Harry Moser Trade & Industry 9/22/10
Local or Offshore Sourcing: A Crucial Element in Site Selection Harry Moser Trade & Industry 9/22/10
Outsourcing, Destroying Our EconomyGoeverment Says it Must Stop Bill Virgin News Tribune 9/19/10
Whirlpool to Invest in Tennessee Plant Bob Tita Wall Street Journal 9/1/10
Are Manufacturers Really Brining Back Work to Us Supply Chain Digest 8/24/10
Outsourcing, Destroying Our Economy-Governor Says it Must Stop Dustin Ensinger Economy In Crisis 8/15/10
Some Business Learning Value of Bringing Factories Back to the US Ed Marcum 8/7/10
Some Manufacturing Heads Back to USA Paul Davidson USA Today 8/6/10
More American Wind Farms Using US Made Components Peter Alpern Industry Week 8/6/10
Ford Says UAW Deals Bring Work Back to its Plants Tom Krisher Associated Press 8/4/10
Worldwide Shipping Stagflation Causes Retail Havoc, Upset David Caploe Economy Watch 8/4/10
As Economies Change, Manufacturing Counts for More Jack Healy Inside Quality Insider 7/29/10
Bringing it Home:Re-Shoring Resonates for Sleek Audio Jane Meinhardt Tampa Bay Business Journal 7/29/10
Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America Carter Wood Shop Floor 7/22/10
Companies Brace for End of Cheap Made in China Era Elaine Kurtenbach Pure 7/8/10
Is Manufacturing Coming Back To the US jack Stack New York Times 6/23/10
Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index Deloitte 6/23/10
ReShoring Redux Peter Zelinski Modern Machine Shop 6/15/10
Q & A With Harry Moser Re-Shoring Leader Joel Hans IMPO 6/14/10
Why The End of Cheap Chinese Labor is Near Nathaniel Cahners Hindman The Huffington Post 6/4/10
Andy Grove: How America Can Create Jobs Andy Grove Business Week 6/1/10
MFG Survey: Back shoring Trend Accelerates ETC. AJ Mojo-Mfg.Com 5/5/10
Fastener Maker Scovill Learns from Foray in Asia Dan Chapman Atlanta-Journal Constitution 4/25/10
Caterpillar Kris Maker-Bob Tita Wall Street Journal 3/12/10
Can Made In America Make A Comeback? Unknown Business Management 3/1/10
Manufacturing Operations Returning to the US Dustin Ensinger Americas Economic Report 2/23/10
Re-Shoring -- Bringing Manufacturing Back To American Suppliers Michael Collins IMPO 2/19/10
Re:Shoring-Bringing Manufacturing Back To American Suppliers Michael Collins Manufacturing.Net 2/16/10
Re-Shoring Bringing Manufacturing Back to American Suppliers Michael Collins 2/16/10
Back shoring: Which Manufacturing Should Return to North America Quanta Consulting Inc. Mitchell Osak Online 2/1/10
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