Grid component supplier to welcome governor at plant opening

Date Published04/18/2017
Author NameWayne Risher

Additional Reshoring Information:

Company/Division name Sediver
Parent companySeves Group
Type of work Manufacturing
Reshoring category:Foreign Direct Investment
Total number of jobs (added or to be added):75
What product(s) and/or service(s) were outsourced domestically?Manufacturing
Year reshoring announced:2017
Year reshoring implemented or to be implemented:2017
Offshore, work was done:In-house
Domestically, the work will be done:In-house
Capital investment ($):15
Country(ies) from which reshored:France
City reshored to:Memphis
State(s) reshored to:TN
If relevant, work nearshored to:-
Product(s) reshoredglass insulators for high voltage electrical lines
What domestic positive factors made reshoring more attractive?Infrastructure (transport, internet, power), Lead time/Time to market
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